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About Me

GOD BLESS YOU IN JESUS CHRIST NAME. Hello, my name is Marieastarr (pronounced Maria Starr :)) Norton and I’m an affiliate marketer for Elite Marketing Pro, a world-wide thriving online community of small business entrepreneurs that help people build their businesses. My mission anointed and appointed by Jesus Christ and The Father is this: to help Jesus’s “Anointed, Chosen People” get off the world system of working for someone else and to get on His Kingdom System by helping them (YOU) start and build their (your) businesses God’s way. To instruct you (God’s precious Disciples) to start, build, and run your business based on King James Version Biblical Scripture. By showing you God’s Way of TRUST, FAITH, AND OBEDIENCE over man’s I-GOTS-TO-GET-MINE-WAY, you can walk in complete financial freedom that will aid you on your divine appointed assigned mission giving to you by Jesus Christ.

By me going through times of my life of lack, frustration, and anxiety over money, I cried out to the Living God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob for deliverance, and Jesus said this to me,”start your business.” How? I said. He said, “by helping My people trust Me with their finances by starting their own businesses.” Ladies and gentlemen, sons and daughters of The Most High, by joining Elite Marketing Pro with me and going through the training of building your business, I will go out of my way to bring you daily scripture to change your mindset from employee to online entrepreneur, and give you personal insight of what I do, go through, and work towards on a daily basis, raw and uncut, never watered down”.

To long have you (God’s Anointed, Chosen) people been without! To long have you been discouraged by man through employment! And too long have you NOT been free from poverty, lack, and the lash of Satan’s grip over your finances. IN JESUS NAME, I DECLARE AND DECREE FINANCIAL BREAK-THROUGH NOW, IN JESUS CHRIST NAME, FOR JESUS TO BIND THE STRONG MAN OF POVERTY AND LACK THEREOF OFF YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR FINANCES SO YOU CAN WALK IN ABUNDANCE AND NEW LIFE IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

Thank you for reading my long BUT important bio so you can get an insight of who God made me to be and do in His name and here is a little about me. I’m a 32 year old, happily single, God-Fearing woman from Philadelphia, PA with a cat named Roxy (named after my favorite TV series Jem and the Holograms). I spend most of my time building the business that Jesus has given me His way and attending Lake Superior State University in Michigan to become a mighty God-Fearing warrior attorney for Jesus Christ and His People. I love Chinese food, decided to write a 3 part novel on being a female warrior for Christ, and when I have time, I love to body-build while I listen to 80s music (please don’t laugh LOL 🙂 ).

If you are serious of changing your life for the better by letting Jesus Christ guide you on this journey on His Kingdom System, if you had enough of being broke. busted and disgusted, and tired of being tired of not having enough, I beseech thee to join EMP (short for Elite Marketing Pro) with me. Come follow me as I follow Christ and fulfill your TRUE CALLING that He has called you to do. Ask Jesus now, for conformation, I’ll wait…………..What did He tell you??? You can contact me at [email protected] for any questions, comments, and concerns. God Bless you and May Jesus Christ Grip your heart and show you there is a better way, and that is HIS WAY. SHALOM be unto you, in Jesus Name, Amen.